Sunday, September 19, 2010

lots and lots of books

I've recently been on the search for mass quantities of vintage books for a few projects I'm dying to try and while I have a few piled up, I still need LOTS more. I have three main projects to try all involving books or the pages from them.

1. Pages as wallpaper-
I'm slowly redoing our half bath and since it is so small, not a lot of fun ideas can be incorporated into the design, but I thought doing one wall in book pages would give it a fun twist. (Plus it would give my boyfriend extra reading material :)

2. A table with books as legs-
I want to make a nightstand similar to these except with wood as the table top to give it a more rustic/vintage style

3. Wall art made from book pages-
I saw these at Anthropology piled into an armoire and I thought it would be awesome to make some of my own in all different shapes, sizes and colors and hang them on the wall or display on a bookshelf