Friday, June 25, 2010

let's be blunt here

I really want blunt bangs. I've always had side swooped bangs since I can remember and they are just getting old and boring. I can never wait for a hair appointment and end up cutting my own hair so I'm about to attempt to do so now. At the moment I have hair dye that is setting in so I'm busy looking up different blunt bang styles on a few of my fav celebs. My hair is usual a medium brown but from the sun, chlorine and week at the beach, it's gotten pretty light. I added a little more blonde with a hint of strawberry blonde highlights. Keep your fingers crossed that it all comes out looking fab.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

lovely in lace

I only own a few lace shirts myself, but whenever I have one of the lovelies on, I feel so feminine and pretty. I just love it and I think I need some more.

Soy Milk Cafe. Etsy


Victoria's Secret



Urban Outfitters

CheekyVintageCloset. Etsy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How many jewelry holder/boxes are too many? I hope ten is a good number because that's my count once I acquire this beauty. Peacock related items will be the death of me.

Urban Outfitters. Peacock Feather Mirror Jewelry Stand. $28.00

umm. i most definitely need all of these.

All of these amazing items are from the Fig Leaf in Hyde Park, Cincinnati.
This would even be a perfect engagement ring
Boyfriend, can you please buy me one of these, with a "J" of course, just a cheap $1700.00?

You can design your own set with different names and dates engraved on each charm. I'm thinking it's a perfect gift for my mom's birthday with all of the kids and grandkids names on the rectangle charm and a J on the circle charm for our last name.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

wall art

I've been looking for wall decals lately to jazz up some plain walls without having to do much work and although I haven't completely decided on what to do yet, I have plenty of options in front of me now.
naturally a peacock should be included in here somewhere

Single Stone Studios


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

a wise old owl

My great-grandma Heidi has an obsession with owls and they occupy her house in any form she can find. I think she has slightly passed the love onto me, although I love all types of birds. I have vowed to someday get a tattoo in honor of my grandma of a small owl and her name, but for now I'll settle for less permanent owl fixations.

left out

I just cannot not share this. It's my dream poolside cabana.
One day. One day.


Even though it's a little late this summer, our pool is open for business! The water was still a bit cold so I just laid on a raft in the middle of the pool sunbathing for a bit. Our pool is a simple suburban backyard pool, but it's slowly getting upgrades and changes, so I'm searching for ideas and dreaming too much of what it could one day look like.

Friday, June 4, 2010

jonathan adler

I first heard of Jonathan Adler on an episode of Color Splash, an HGTV show, and I loved the choice David Bromstad made with the dora maar faces piece from the Muse collection. (shown first) On another episode David chose to go with the two cats from the Menagerie Collection. (shown second)
I was shopping around for a unique wedding gift and thought to check out what else Jonathan Adler had to offer, and I was greatly surprised. He sells everything you need for your home and his designs are so amazing and one of a kind. He is just genius. I had to share my favorites from the website and I really hope to have something cutely positioned in my home some time in the near future. Which piece to start with though?

The penguin pottery, the tote and the lamp are in a tie for first purchase as of now. The tote is part of the Design Your Own collection where you can choose between a tote, rug or pillow and pick what colors and design you want and even add a monogram. I designed the above tote for myself and it's a fun and easy way to be creative with the help of a well known and great designer.