Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ideabook crazy

Lately, after my boyfriend downloaded the houzz app on our iPad, I have been going crazy with browsing pictures and saving them in my Ideabook. It's mildly addicting, almost more than mildly at this point though. If you have never checked out the website, I highly recommend it. There are millions of great houses posted, diy projects and tutorials and you can save any picture you like to your own Ideabook and even list what you like about each picture. I have my own "idea book" at home (which is a loose term for the mess that it is) of photos, projects or my own ideas that I want to be able to reference later in life when they might be more opportune. I keep a journal of ideas, (which stays in my purse so I have it all times, because sometimes ideas just pop up at the worst time) and then a folder in my filing cabinet with pulled out magazine pictures and even a couple full magazines that I love everything in. Needless to say I have a folder on my Mac that has probably close to 2,000 screen shots of things I "need" for later use. (cleverly titled ideas :) The folder really needs to be divided up by room or style to keep it organized, but at this point it would take forrrevverr to go through. Getting back to the original Ideabook though, I was browsing the 148 pictures I've already saved in two days and noticed a few drool worthy ideas and rooms I just have to share. So each day I'm going to share photos of a different room of the house; First up is the bathroom! There are a wide range of different types from modest to massive and guest baths to master baths, the common factor though is that they are all just sooo divine. I'm going to need a new house with about 15 bathrooms so I don't have to pick one or two styles a.s.a.p!

Stonewood, LLC 

Eisner Design

Haddad Hakansson LLC

Murdock Solon Architects

Lori Shaffer 

Webber + Studio, Architects

Garret Cord Werner

Rachel Reider Interiors 

Knowles PS

Judith Balis

Andrew Pogue 

ChrDAUER Architects

Jordan Iverson 

Amitzi Architects

Red Jet Whistle

I am completely obsessed with free standing bath tubs and open showers with multiple sprayers and shower heads. I need a full customized bathroom renovation starting now.