Monday, May 10, 2010

peacock paradise

I am a huge peacock lover and e
ven though I own plenty of things that involve a peacock or peacock feather, I'm always attracted to other items I find while shopping. Here's my wish list of future peacock buys:

1. Feather Hair Clip- $13.00
2. Custom Shoes- $63.55
3. Peacock Locket Necklace- Target $18.99
4. Loop Trifold Peacock Wallet- Urban Outfitters $36.00
5. 1920s Peacock Deep V Tee- Urban Outfitters $24.00
6. Peacock Embellished Tunic- Forever21 $24.80
7. Peacock Stationery Box - Target (Liberty of London) $9.99
8. Brand New Peacock Natural Tote Bag- Brand New Merch Direct $12.00
(Thanks to my boyfriend I do actually own this tote :) but I had to add it to the list to share. Plus it's my favorite band with peacock feathers on it, what could be better?!)
9. House of Harlow Peacock Cocktail Ring - Kitson Boutique $48.00
10. Plumage Shade- Anthropologie $108.00

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