Saturday, May 29, 2010

little luna

 Normally I wouldn't post a blog about my cat, but while I started to type an email she was curious to the sound of my keys being pushed and had to check it out. When she saw the words appearing after each other on the screen, she started to hit the screen and sniff it like it was a bug or something. She is so confused that it's funny, and I felt the need to share my love for my Luna bear.

At Petsmart where I adopted Luna :) she was so tiny then!
Her first day home! She thought her reflection was another kitten and would hiss and bat her paws at the mirror.
One of her other favorite toys.
She got stuck behind the door and didn't know how to get out!
Normally I wouldn't subject my animals to such humiliation, but this was just too cute to pass up on. First and last time the sweater was on her.
Loves purses just as much as her mama!
Helping me to be a safe driver ;)
Poor little thing after surgery :(

Sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures, but you can't tell me that she isn't a cutie :)

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