Friday, February 18, 2011


Whenever I am shopping at GAP, I feel like anything I pick off the rack is going to look relaxed and simple, but chic and beautiful at the same time. I also feel like everything is made with mixing and matching in mind, which gives you that easy feeling that you can pick an outfit with your eyes closed and it will look good together. I'm usually short on time (due to that thing called a snooze button!) when getting ready and either have to skip on hair and makeup (which isn't a good idea) or on taking my time to pick out an outfit and really get all the details right. GAP already has all those little details perfected so it's an easy day when I grab jeans, one of their tees or tanks and one of their cardigans. I was looking at new styles online (and the deals for the presidents day sale!) and I am so loving all the pieces. Even the models and their hair look so beautiful. Can I just be a living GAP ad?

 cream and ruffles are a signature look of mine

this shirt would look awful on me, but I'm totally digging her hair

heart her beachy waves and blush top with just a hint
of sparkle on the shoulder 

I could totally go for this blazer that still has a
feminine and sophisticated look 

love the combination of stripes with the floral pattern
and those shoes 

another cute blazer look 

adding a few embellishments would be a simple diy project
 if you have a lot of plain cardigans that need jazzed up

perfect tee. perfect cardigan. perfect necklace.
and perfect girl. 

great color combo

I don't know how I feel about the almost lime skirt,
but I love the concept of the tucked in tee and belt 

one word. ruffles

there is the blush again. adore it and her hair style

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